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  Keptos Operational Efficiency Solutions

Keptos Operational Efficiency Solutions range from Disaster Recovery Planning to Mobility Architectures, to IT Infrastructure Relocations.

 Disaster Recovery Planning
IT Infrastructure Relocations
 Network Architectures

Security Systems Architecture


 Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP)
Information technology is critical in running a business.  When there is a power outage, a system failure, a virus, or worse…a fire, flooding, earthquake or robbery…it is thousands if not millions of dollars lost everyday the systems are down. According to a Harris Interactive survey, 54% of executives from Fortune 1000 companies admitted to having a technology disruption because they weren’t adequately prepared. And a 2005 survey conduced by KPMG Risk Advisory Services reported 43% of businesses damaged in a disaster close for good.

Organizations need to be proactive and have a coordinated recovery strategy for IT systems, application, operations, and data to ensure that the whole end-to-end business process can continue should a serious incident occur.
Keptos works with you to:

  • Conduct a Business Impact Analysis
  • Perform a Risk Assessment for each of the IT Services.
  • Evaluate the options for recovery
  • Produce the Contingency Plan
  • Test and exercise the plan
  • Train the personnel
  • Maintain the plan by testing it on a regular basis

For additional information on Disaster Recovery Planning, please contact us

IT Infrastructure Relocations
Planning the relocation of a corporate facility is an overwhelming task even for the most experienced person. Moving your offices is not as simple as packing up your servers and hardware and plugging them in on arrival to you new location. 

At Keptos, we are conscious of the serious economic damage that can occur if our clients systems and networks are not properly and on time transitioned to the new location. No matter if you are carrying out a business relocation to a new site, expanding your current facility, opening a new branch office or a new data center -- all require planning and organization.  Keptos’ IT Infrastructure Relocations services address all aspects of your move.  We use proven methodologies verified by large multinationals to assure the continuity of your business, the efficiency of the move and the minimization of the risks connected with the new installations.

We work closely with Architects, Facilities, your IT department and your moving company to manage your IT Infrastructure relocation for users and technology equipment, including servers, network hardware, desktop systems, telephones and communications equipment, voice and data networks, and operational services.

For additional information on IT Infrastructure Relocations, please contact us
Security Systems Architectures
Surveillance is an integral part of every business, where even the smallest lapse in supervision can lead to a dangerous situation. 24 hour video surveillance and remote network monitoring is considered an enhanced management tool that can be effectively used by various departments of any organization. Keptos plans, installs and maintains video surveillance systems so you can remotely survey your office, factory, or warehouse from anywhere in the world by real time video/audio streaming via the internet and receive email and SMS alerts.

For additional information on Security Systems Architectures, please contact us

 Network Architectures
All organizations need networks to communicate. Just as corporations are dependent on a reliable source of electrical power, so are they dependant on reliable cabling. The cables in your office may not be robust enough to support the systems your organization needs to implement and run, now and in the future.

Keptos understands that the key to effective communication is a secure, flexible, interoperable, and robust internetworking infrastructure. Be it a minor reconfiguration, the building of a new office or the relocation to a new location, Keptos can help you manage all aspects of your cabling needs. We are certified by 3M, specialists in DSL, satellite and fiber optics and guarantee our work for 5 years.

For additional information on Networking Architectures, please contact us

IT Peace of Mind

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